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Welcome to Summer: What's Happening?

Hi all, and welcome to summer. The children have finished with school, the weather has been fantastic and is expected to be wonderful this summer. The pool furniture has been upgraded and replaced, awaiting you, and there's some events that you should put in your diary.

Tonight we have a Board Budget Workshop, a training for the Board members to ensure that when we come to present our budget to you in August, we'll have considered everything and proven to be trusted custodians of the dues that (most of you) pay each year.

On Thursday June 8th, at 5pm to 8pm we have another Food Truck night. They are always so very popular and a great way to meet your neighbors and make new friends.

Bunco is back on Tuesday June 20th at 7pm and is a wonderfully simple, delightfully fun and fast paced dice game for all ages. You do need to sign up so that the organizers know how many players they have to seat.

The BIG event this summer is our CARNIVAL BIRTHDAY BASH. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the developer handing over the neighborhood to the HOA we are hosting a huge party. It's open to all homeowners (in good standing) and tenants of homeowners (in good standing). I'm seeing early plans and it's looking to be an enormously fun filled, family friendly event with a whole host of things happening and available to have a go at. And it's entirely free.

  • A dunk tank - throw balls at a target to drop the victim (Compliance?) into the water below

  • Giant plinko - drop the coins to get the highest score

  • Giant 5' tall Jenga - tumbling block fun for all to share

  • Giant Connect 4 - line up your discs, 4 in a row to win

  • Cornhole

  • Horseshoes

  • Popcorn

  • Cotton Candy

  • Food and Drink

It is shaping up to be the event of the summer and we hope to see as many of the 406 homes represented as possible.

Don't forget that The 2023 Atlantic hurricane season officially begins tomorrow on June 1, 2023, and ends on November 30, 2023. Make sure you have your preparedness plans in place and do give a thought to your neighbors, whether they need your help or you should clear some of the projectile risks from your yards.

Hopefully we'll get some rain soon, but not enough to spoil any outdoor plans you have, but do remember to take care of your yards. Edge, mow and spray your lawns and keep those trees and bushes looking beautiful. Compliance is looking out for:

  • June - Houses that need to be painted or power washed

  • July - Home cleans ups (ladders, grills, kayaks, etc. on side of houses)

If you are planning home renovations this summer, you can find all the Architectural Control Applications Forms on this page. And you might need to check out our Deed Restrictions, to see whether you can do what you are planning on. I'd hate to see you spend money doing something only for us to have to tell you that it is not permitted. Ugh!

Whatever you have planned for your summer, we hope it is fun and above all safe. And we hope to see you around the neighborhood and at any of our events over the coming weeks. It'll be great to see you.

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