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  • Who are Sentry Management?
    Sentry Management is an external, 3rd party, community management firm who the HOA Board has engaged to assist us with the day to day operations of the community. You should sign up to their website in order to create a profile, select communications preferences, pay bills on-line, gain access to the Fairway Springs pool and clubhouse and get to know our property managers. they work hard for us.
  • I just inherited a home in Fairway Springs, can I rent it out?
    Not immediately. The Deed Restrictions prohibit renting a property in the community until you have lived in that property for a minimum of 2 years. Heavy fines will be imposed on homeowners found in non-compliance. Here is a digitized version of our current Deed Restrictions: Here is an online version of the same Deed Restrictions, available for digital searching:
  • Why aren't Pond Lots covered by HOA dues?
    Each Owner who lives on a pond lives within property boundaries that include portions of the pond. Making it the Owners' responsibility for the upkeep for the Pond. No pond in Fairway Springs is therefore part of the communal elements managed and maintained by the HOA. The HOA is aware of a 'collective' of neighbors who work with all Pond Lot Owners to acquire services and advice on pond maintenance. This 'collective' however, is privately operated by neighbors and, is not associated with the HOA in any way.
  • I oppose the budget recently approved by the Board. What can I do?
    The Bylaws of Fairway Springs Homeowners Association, Inc. (Your HOA) state "If a budget is adopted by the Board of Directors which requires assessment against the Lot Owners in any fiscal or calendar year exceeding one hundred fifteen per cent (115%) of such assessments for the preceding year, upon written application of ten per cent (10%) of the Lot Owners, a special meeting of the Lot Owners shall be held upon not less than ten (10) days written notice to each lot owner, but within thirty (30) days of the delivery of such application to the Board of Directors or any member thereof at which special meeting Lot Owners may consider and enact a revision of the budget or recall any and all members of the Board of Directors and elect their successors. In either case the revision of the budget or the recall of any and all members of the Board of Directors shall require a vote of not less than two-thirds (2/3) of each class of members of the association." Here is a digitized version of our Bylaws: Here is an online version of the same ByLaws, available for digital searching:
  • What happens if I do not pay my Annual Assessment (HOA Dues)?
    Section 7.07. - Remedies of the Association for Nonpayment of Assessments. Any assessment not paid within thirty (30) days after the due date shall bear interest from the due date at the maximum legal rate. The Association may bring an action at law against the Owner personally obligated to pay the same, or file a lien as hereinabove authorized and foreclose said lien by judicial foreclosure in the same manner in which mortgages on real property may be foreclosed in Florida. In any such foreclosure. The Owner shall be required to pay the costs and expenses of filing the notice of lien and all reasonable attorney’s fees, which costs, expenses and attorneys' tees shall be secured by the lien being foreclosed. The Owner shall also be required to pay the Association any assessments against the Lot which become due during the period of foreclosure. The Association shall have the right and power to bid at foreclosure sale or other legal sale and to acquire, hold, convey. lease, rent, encumber, use and otherwise deal with the Lot as Owner thereof. No Owner may waive or otherwise escape liability for the assessments provided herein by nonuse of the Common Areas. Any suit to recover money judgment for unpaid expenses and assessment hereunder shall not be deemed to be a waiver of the lien securing the same. Upon payment of all sums secured by the lien, which has been made the subject of a recorded notice of lien, a release of notice of lien shall he executed by the Association or its representative and recorded in the Public Records of Pasco County, Florida. In addition to the above remedies, the Association may deny all Owner, his family, guests, invitees, licensees and tenants use of the clubhouse and pool facilities which are part of the Common Area owned by the Association during such period of lime that the Owner is delinquent n payment of assessments, and such denial shall not relieve the Owner of responsibility for continued payment of assessments during said delinquency period. Here is a digitized version of our current Deed Restrictions: Here is an online version of the same Deed Restrictions, available for digital searching:
  • What items is compliance focused on this month?
    Monthly Checklist for Compliance Fairway Springs: January- Tree Trimming (Oak/Big Trees) February- Christmas/Holiday Decorations, Roof/Gutter debris, chimneys March- Lawn Weeds, Fences (Cleaned or repaired) April- Driveways/Sidewalks/Mailboxes May- Weeds in flowerbeds/mulch area, palms that need trimmed June- Houses that need to be painted or power washed July- Home cleans ups (ladders, grills, etc. on side of houses) August- Bushes/Hedges September- Driveways/Sidewalks/Mailboxes October- Lawn weeds, fences November- Flowerbeds and Mulch area December- Nothing
  • Can I pay my HOA Dues online?
    Yes. Our property management partner has a variety of online payment methods available. You can also write a check and place it in the mailbox at the front of the clubhouse.
  • What positions does our HOA Board consist of and who occupies those roles?
    The Fairway Springs HOA Board consists of 9 roles: If you would like to volunteer to help serve your community on committee or Board position, please reach out to a Board member or Sentry Management with your interest, experience, suitability and contact details. Richard
  • I'd like to run for a position on the Board, how do I do that?
    The process of applying your candidacy can be found here: Candidates Page. If successful you will serve a 3 year term. Your primary function will be to uphold and defend the Deed Restrictions, irrespective of what role you occupy. We are grateful to all our volunteers and to those who wish to keep the community the wonderful oasis it is today.
  • Can I put my home on AirBNB or VRBO?
    NO! Our Deed restrictions actively prohibit it. ARTICLE II - RESTRICTIONS Section 2.01. - Lots. The Lots and Units shall be used for residential purposes only. No structure shall be erected or permitted to remain on any Lot on the Land other than the Unit. No buildings or other improvements at any time situated on any Lot shall be used for any business, commercial, amusement, hospital, sanitarium, school, clubhouse, religious, charitable, philanthropic, or manufacturing purposes, or as a professional office, and no billboards or advertising signs of any kind shall be erected or displayed thereon, except such signs as are permitted elsewhere in these Covenants. No building or other improvements situated on any Lot shall be rented or leased separately from the rental or lease of the entire Lot and no part of any such building shall be used for the purpose of renting rooms therein or as a boarding house, hotel, motel, tourist or motor court or any other type of transient accommodation.
  • I want to put a fence up in my back yard. Can I?
    Yes, you absolutely can. There is a process you must follow however. The other thing is that fence approvals for pond Lots differ from those for non-pond Lots.
  • Where are the home improvement application forms?
  • Where can I find the application forms for work I want done on/at my property?
    All the architectural control forms can be located on our website at They cover the specific projects you might have in mind. Architectural Control Form – Fences Architectural Control Form – House Exterior Painting Architectural Control Form – New Roof Architectural Control Form – Tree Removal Architectural Control Form – Other Projects ​ Architectural Control Form - Pavers Please note, that should you not apply for a permit and seek approval prior to commencing any work, whether you do the work yourself or pay a contractor $1,000's of dollars, you might have to undo the work, and return the site to the previous condition, at your own cost.
  • What telephone number can I use to speak to someone regarding the HOA or neighborhood?
    The HOA Board partners with Sentry Property Management to support us in managing the Fairway Springs Neighborhood. For any questions call Valerie Connor at Sentry Management on +1 727 942 1906 Ext. 53509.
  • Can I book the clubhouse for a private event?
    Yes. Absolutely. And we encourage it. There is a nominal charge of $75 and a deposit of $100. The link below provides the simple process.
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