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For Realtors


FAIRWAY SPRINGS IS A DEED RESTRICTED COMMUNITY - These summaries are presented  to provide clarity to the Deed Restrictions, a copy of which can be found here --> Fairway Springs Deed Restrictions

For fiscal year 2023 the Annual Assessment per Lot is $368.00


RULES FOR LEASE / RENTALS - Ref; ARTICLE II SECTIONS 2.28 and 2.29; in brief.

No owner may rent or lease their lot during the first 2 years of ownership.

No lease shall be permitted unless, 14 days prior to tenants moving in, the following requirements are met; submitting a completed lease application, background check, credit report and driver’s license copy of all potential tenants. Fees may apply.


The Association reserves the right to deny any lease.

Owners are responsible for the actions of their tenants.

No lot may be leased/rented for a period of less than one (1) year.


This brief highlight is intended for general use only. It is incumbent upon all owners; if you are considering renting out your property, please read the full requirements in your declaration. The full document was filed with the Public Records of Pasco County and is now a matter of public record.

Owner/Tenant Rental Application


ARTICLE II Section 2.02- vehicular parking. No vehicle shall be parked on any part of this property, except on paved streets and paved driveways. No vehicles may be parked on paved streets overnight. No commercial vehicles, except those present on business, trailers, boats, trucks, mobile homes, or motorcycles may be parked in the development unless parked inside garages and concealed from public view. Motorized recreational vehicles cannot be parked in the development for more than (5) consecutive days, unless parked inside a garage and concealed from public view.



Ref; ARTICLE II SECTION 2.11; in brief. (all residents were issued a copy of the full document)

Interior lots - 6’ high PVC / Vinyl fencing has been approved for interior lots. It must be earth tone in color. It may be installed along the side lot lines and across the rear lot line, beginning from the rear most part of the dwelling.


Conservation lots - A 4’ high black chain link fence is the only approved material for conservation lots. It may be installed along the side lot lines and across the rear lot line, beginning from the rear most part of the dwelling.


Pond lots and adjacent lots - A 4’ high black chain link fence is the only approved material for pond lots and lots which are adjacent to any body of water. It must begin at the rear most part of the dwelling and may be installed along the side lot lines behind the unit. To ensure open views, the fence may not extend to the rear lot line. It’s placement is limited to no further than 10’ beyond the rear dwelling line.


Corner lots - These parcels will be the exception to the side lot line rule. In order to ensure open space, a fence will be set back from the side street. As measured from the rear corner of the dwelling to the side street, a fence will extend no more than 8’ from the dwelling. The fence must have a landscape buffer; in order to soften the view from the street.


The general rule on privacy fences:
It’s sole purpose is for a limited privacy screen. (Ex. to block out some street noise or gain more privacy for a pool.) Usually, just a few fence panels are required. Please call architectural control for more details, as there are limitations. Each lot is different.


Additionally, as some lots fall within several classifications, it is always best to call the architectural director for specifics on your lot.

There will be NO new permits issued for wood fencing. The exception being for small repairs on existing wood fences within the community or the associations mile long wood perimeter fence, which must remain uniform by county regulation.


All fences are subject to final approval by the Architectural Control Committee.


Architectural Application Available Here

Fill out form and drop off in mailbox in front of clubhouse. The architectural committee will get back to you with approval / not approved and permit as soon as possible. Please put green permit card on front window so it can be seen from the road. Please email  with any questions.

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