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Architectural Request Form

Please fill out the Architectural Permit form and submit to  


Alternately, the Architectural Permit form is available at the clubhouse just inside the entryway, and  upon completion, the Architectural Permit form and can be dropped off in the black mailbox in front of the clubhouse.

The architectural committee will get back to you with approval / not approved and permit as soon as possible. Please understand we are all volunteers, and under certain situations the permit process can take up to 30 days.   

Please put green permit card on front window so it can be seen from the road.
Email, or if extremely urgent call 772-301-8100

If you are wanting to paint your home, replace your roof, or remove a tree you must submit the Architectural Permit form below.
The Architectural Committee will provide you a selection of paint colors and roofing colors that are pre-approved.

  • IF you find a color you like that is close to one of the color swatches, please submit the paint brand name (Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore etc), color number and a swatch. (There is space provided on the Arch Request Form to staple it to)

  • IF the color is close to what would be considered "harmonious" with the rest of the community, it will most likely be approved.

  • IF you have a roof color that is very close to the selection we provide, please submit the roofing brand name, and color code and swatch so we can compare it. It must be close to the pre-approved color samples in order to be permitted.

  • IF you have a tree to be removed that is greater than 6 inches in diameter, an Architectural Permit is required along with the potential permit requirements of PASCO County. 


Owner/Tenant Rental Application


Compliance Complaint Form

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Soon you will be able to read Approved Board Minutes here