Fairway Springs Clubhouse

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Clubhouse rental available

$75 fee, $100 Deposit

Pool Hours: 7:00am to 11:00pm
***subject to being closed at times for pool maintenance***

Acquire New Pool Key Procedure:

Contact Valerie at Sentry Management:

vconner@sentrymgt.com / 727-942-1906

Ext 53509.


The office is open Monday through Friday 8:30am until 5pm.


You need to pay by check or money order - made out to: FSHOA and it is $25 or $15 if they have the old key to turn in.


Then come to the office and pick-up your new key at 7615 Little Rd NPR

To make a reservation to rent the clubhousedownload the rental forms here


The Clubhouse is available now for event rentals. Please email fairwayspringsclub@gmail.com if you wish to secure a rental date. 


Process to rent the clubhouse:

  1. Check the calendar to see if the date is available

  2. Send the clubhouse rental date to fairwayspringsclub@gmail.com

  3. Within 7-10 days, you should get a confirmation if the date is available, and the next steps

  4. Once approved, the deposit, rental fee and the rental forms need to be placed in the clubhouse mailbox.

  5. 24 hours before the event, a key will be placed in your mailbox

  6. Please completely clean up the same night as your party: take out all the trash, clean up the countertops, wash any dishes that may have been used.  Many times we have back to back parties, and they need to set up the very next morning

  7. Any questions can be resolved by emailing fairwayspringsclub@gmail.com

  8. Thank you for your support!