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Fairway Springs Clubhouse Rental

Plan your next party here in your neighborhood clubhouse!

Clubhouse rental available

$75 fee, $100 Deposit


Check out the Clubhouse Calendar for availability.  Also keep an eye on the Upcoming Events for great things to do in our neighborhood.

To make a reservation to rent the clubhousedownload the rental forms here


The Clubhouse is available now for event rentals. 


Process to rent the clubhouse:

  1. Check the calendar to see if the date is available

  2. Email to confirm date is available.

  3. Fill out the Clubhouse Usage Form and drop off to the Cluhouse mailbox along with your Fee and Deposit.

  4. Once received by the Clubhouse Director your Event will be added to the Community Calendar and you will be sent an email confirmation.

  5. Arrange to meet with the Director at the Clubhouse prior to your event to review the setting and receive your access key fob.

  6. Please clean up after the event leaving it the same as it was left for you. Many times there are back to back events setting up the next day.

  7. Any questions can be resolved by emailing

  8. Thank you for choosing the neighborhood Clubhouse for you event.

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