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Board Candidate Information & Form
  1. Every year, in March, Fairway Springs HOA holds its Annual Meeting. 

  2. At this meeting three (3) Board positions must be filled

  3. Nominations for these positions may be made from:

    1. the floor at the Annual meeting​

    2. the Board appointed Nominating Committee

a.  Prior to the Annual meeting of homeowners in March of each year, the HOA Board must appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of a Chairperson (who is an HOA Board member) plus two (2) or more homeowners (in good standing).  This committee is to serve from the close of the Annual meeting until the close of the next Annual meeting (a one year term) and it's appointment announced at the Annual meeting.

The Nominating Committee can make as many nominations as it wishes, but not less than the number of positions to be filled.

Candidates wishing to serve are requested to complete and submit the form titled:

ByLaws Section 2.  Election of directors.  Election to the Board of Directors shall be by secret written ballot. At such election, the members or their proxies may cast, in respect to each vacancy, as many votes as they are entitled to exercise under the provisions of the declaration. The persons receiving the largest number of votes shall be elected. Cumulative voting is not permitted.

Candidates are running for the right to sit on the Board and NOT for a specific role or position.  That will come at the Organization meeting.

ByLaws Section 6. Organization meeting. The first meeting of the board of directors shall be held within 10 days after the annual members meeting, at such place as shall be fixed by the board and no notice shall be necessary to the newly elected directors in order legally to constitute such meeting, providing all of the board of directors shall be present.

At the Organization meeting the Board members elect, annually, the officers of the HOA.  It is at this meeting, that the specific roles or positions are allocated.

Fairway Springs HOA Board Nomination Biography
Which position(s) interest you?

Thanks for applying to volunteer with the Board! We look forward to seeing you at the Annual Meeting.  Good Luck.

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