I'll do it myself, thanks! Lawn care for the DIY enthusiast

Lawn care for the DIYer - by Landscape Director Bob Cesarek

I just wanted to send out some tips regarding the dry spell we're having and how to keep your lawn from becoming crunchy under your feet. If it's in that state already you've got some swift actions to take to avoid costly sod replacements in your future.

First off, most of us are using Pasco County potable water for irrigation. This in itself is a bad idea for irrigating sod and plants but we do not have many viable alternatives. Any form of water will keep plants alive. Pasco County has all homes and commercial property using potable, well, and reclaimed water under restrictions. Please see this link below:


Now that you're aware of our water restrictions, let's make sure you diligently water on your specified day. This more than anything will keep that grass alive until our rainy season starts.

Believe it or not, watering just once per week and applying a good insecticide every other month will keep your lawn healthy.

Either set up your timer for that day or drag out the hose and set up your irrigation devices. Also, since we're all good stewards of our resources and only watering once a week, there's also a wonderful product available. It should be applied every three months and it will help tremendously in keeping our lawns healthy. It is called Hydretain.

It comes in liquid or granules. This product, once applied and watered-in, forms moisture components, like tiny magnets attracting water droplets and holding them into the root system. It is a good resource for a healthy lawn in dry conditions. Please check out the website to read about the science involved.

I hope this helps you to keep your lawns green and healthy.

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