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Greetings of the Season

Greetings of the Season!

By: Charlie CD Cochol-Hobbick - Welcoming/Membership Director, FSHOA

Rely on the kindness of strangers (But why?)

A reference to the final words of Blanche DuBois, a character in A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams: "Whoever you are, I have always depended on the kindness of strangers."

1. To depend on the generosity and goodwill of those around us, especially those we don't know personally.

Many of us these days choose to be strangers in our own yards. We avoid eye contact, a simple head nod can go unnoticed and lending a hand when not asked appears to be a courtesy of decades gone by.

There’s been many changes in our community over the decades, some good and some challenging.

My grandfather was a NYC police officer, drafted in WWII while already on the job. After my grandfather was drafted with my grandma being pregnant, she quit her job and banded with the entire community of Middle Village, Queens. Why? Because, the need of the whole was greater than the need of a few. (Think about that for a minute.) Most of the neighborhood’s males were drafted and the women HAD TO DO SOMETHING. Together they dug up grass and planted, what we now know as “Victory Gardens” providing fresh vegetables and fruits to whoever was in need. Which was everyone. They cultivated something from nothing and flourished and won a rightful place in our history. They were COMMUNITY!

We as a board can raise dues and potentially hire someone or some company to do whatever it takes to run our community. I believe at times, TIME IS MONEY, yet we’re leaving out the word community.

As this majestic season of holidays ensues (whatever one you may celebrate) let’s try to put aside the masks we use to not engage with our neighbors, OUR COMMUNITY, and make a difference in others lives. Pick up that elder neighbors newspaper and put it by the their door, bring a trash can in, share a baked good or just smile and say hello. Community is stronger together than separate. Let’s continue to make strides in being an unique, caring and calming place to live.

May the end of 2022 bring you all happiness, wishes come true and the sense of community we all deserve. As always, I’ll see you around the “hood”.

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익명 회원
2022년 12월 05일

Beautifully said Charlie! And a memory I had forgotten, my mother had a victory garden too. Happy Holidays to All! “God Bless Us Everyone.”

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