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Board of Directors, descriptions of each role

There are 4 Officers (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary) and 5 Directors (Compliance, Architectural Control, Landscape and Maintenance, Clubhouse and Common Grounds, Welcoming and Membership), making up a total of 9 members on the Board. 

Accurate as of last update: 02/05/2011


The president of FSHOA is vested with the rights as CEO of the not-for-profit corporation known as Fairway Springs Homeowners Association. The character of the Board of Directors is shaped through their style of leadership and mentoring. The president’s duties include, but are not limited to:

1. He/She presides at all board and workshop meetings, or appoints a designee in his/her absence.

2. The president does not routinely vote at board meetings. He/She may vote only to break a tie, to veto a motion, or to complete a quorum.

3. He/She acts as the liaison between Fairway Springs and the county, neighboring communities, public utility officials, legal professionals, and individual residents, as needed. He/She meets with business leaders, county officials, designated CPA and attorney, and other community leaders at the Board’s recommendation.

4. Attains competence in the knowledge of all governing documents of FSHOA and of the State of Florida (for HOA’s and for not‐for‐profit organizations).

5. Works closely with the treasurer to ensure FSHOA fiscal interests are met, is a co‐signer on FSHOA checks and accounts, and is a consultant to budgetary concerns.

6. Investigates (or appoints a committee to investigate), any interest of the community or group of individuals within the community, if said interest may cause conflict or affect property values or that could change the way of life for our residents.

7. He/She works closely with other Board Members to assure that the goals of the community are established and met to the best of the Board’s ability.

8. He/She is an effective communicator, fields communications from the membership, and helps to disseminate information through email, the newsletter, public notice, the website, or other means to keep other Board Members and the community informed of board business and community business, respectively.

9. Organizes, reviews articles, and oversees the distribution of the monthly newsletter to the community. Provides a monthly written article for the newsletter.

10. Identifies and oversees training of potential association leaders. 

11. Participates to co-sign checks and vender contracts for the association as needed.


The Vice-President is vested with all the powers which are required to perform duties of the President whenever the President is actually absent or otherwise unable to act or fulfill the duties of that office. Additional duties of this office include, but are not limited to:

1. He/She investigates all needs of repair in the infrastructure of the community, including roads, sidewalks, gutters, drains and sewers, utility wires, road signs, poles and lighting, pond culverts, and other related issues.  He/She makes appropriate contacts to public and county professionals to correct all problems and issues, monitors the progress of same, and reports to the Board and to the community all remedies completed and in progress.

2. He/She acts as the Sergeant-at-Arms at all meetings and workshops, enforcing an appropriate code of conduct and reminds all speakers on the board and the general membership of time limitations, assuring an orderly assembly.

3. Stays abreast of ALL current board activities and issues through effective communication with the President and other Board Members.

4. He/She oversees nominations and vetting (member is in good standing) of those nominees who seek positions on the Board of Directors.

5. Prior to and during the Annual Board Meeting, he/she oversees the needs of the Elections Committee, and witnesses that the duties of this committee are being conducted in the manner dictated in our Covenants, Bylaws, and Restrictions.

6. He/She coordinates voting precinct activities at the FSHOA clubhouse with the Pasco County Board of Elections.

7. He/She cross‐trains with the Clubhouse Director on management of the resident’s card-key access system and on the use of surveillance software to assure a continual service to the community.

8. Provides a monthly written article for the newsletter.

9. Serves at the discretion of the president as needed.

10. Is prepared to preside over meetings or to lead board activities in the absence of the President.

11. Participates to co-sign checks for the association as needed.


The Secretary preserves the association’s history, maintains all of its meeting and legal records and documents, and protects the liability of the Board and of the community through an efficient recording system. The duties of this position include, but are not limited to:

1. He/She records and takes minutes (or appoints designee to take minutes) of all Board meetings and workshops, types same minutes on FSHOA letterhead, distributes to Board Members for approval, and files into the appropriate Minutes Book in the clubhouse office.

2. The Secretary is the purchasing agent for the association. Orders all office supplies (copy paper, stamps, envelopes, poster board, etc.), at the request of any board member.

3. Revise all forms as needed.

4. Update Policy Book, forward copies of all updates to Board Members for reference, and provide copies to general membership of all new or updated policies as appropriate. Electronic copies of all policies are backed up to a storage device and new implementation statements are included in the appropriate meeting minutes.

5. The Secretary is in charge of all Annual Meeting organizational protocols (design of ballots, teller reports, instructional letter, etc.).

6. Keep up to date with all changes or additions to the Florida HOA and not-for-profit corporation Statutes, and Robert’s Rules of Order.

Informs Board members of such changes and of breaches in all policy.

7. Check telephone messages every couple of days and relay any information to the appropriate officer or director.

8. Participate as a co-signer on association checks as needed.

9. Affix the FSHOA corporate seal to documents, witness and verify signatures. It is helpful, but not mandatory, if the Secretary is a Notary Public.

10. Work closely with the Treasurer and Welcoming Director to keep all board members informed of any new residents, members, and

renters, distributing new names, phone numbers, and addresses appropriately.

11. File all documents, including letters of resignation, appointment forms, bids for jobs, resident and professional contact letters, etc.

12. Immediately following the Annual and Organizational Meetings, send letters and copies of the minutes from both meetings to the

following contacts: County Board of Commissioners, County Board of Elections, FSHOA designated CPA, FSHOA designated attorney,

HOA Publishers, all Banks, website administrator, and, most importantly, submit the Annual Report Notice with the State of

Florida, Division of Corporations.

13. Send Organizational Meeting results to the phonebook registrar for updating purposes.


The Treasurer is the custodian of the funds, collections, investments, securities, and financial records of the association. He/She is the

financial conscience of the Board and of the community. The duties of this office include, but are not limited to:

1. Act as liaison between the Board of Directors and the association’s auditor/CPA. Advice is sought and shared with other Board members.

2. Attend all meetings and workshops, and report on financial status of budget and reserve funding concerns.

3. File appropriate tax forms in a timely manner.

4. Monitor the annual audit done by the CPA and report back.

5. Organize and implement an annual operating budget.

6. Maintain, update, and assure funding for association Reserve Funds for repairs, replacement, and upkeep of all common assets.

7. Invest funds to assure the best and safest returns.

8. Implement safeguards to protect association funding by monitoring bank solvency ratings, investment vehicle returns, and other risk

factors on a regular basis. Suggest changes as appropriate.

9. Arrange for annual insurance review for protection of common assets.

10. Organize and communicate all collection schedules of association dues and special assessments.

11. Check association mailbox daily, as possible, and distribute mail appropriately.

12. Take possession of the association’s laptop computer for purposes of updating all financial records.

13. File all transaction histories/receipts in treasurer’s desk in the clubhouse office.

14. Report all delinquent accounts to the Board of Directors when a decision to place liens or to foreclose on properties becomes necessary.  This information should be kept in confidence among Board members only. The treasurer may call a meeting of the Board to accomplish these discussions, if necessary.

15. Consult attorney, as advised by the Board of Directors, on liens and foreclosures.

16. Conducts all financial transactions for the association, paying venders, seeking a co‐signer on all checks. The Treasurer is generally the first signer on all association checks.

17. Participates to co-sign association checks as needed.


The Compliance Director is the association’s enforcement officer of the Deed Restrictions for our community. Diligence, documentation, and uniformity of action are the key factors to success in this position. The duties of this position include, but are not limited to:

1. Maintain intimate knowledge of all association governing documents, especially FSHOA Covenants, Bylaws, and Restrictions.

2. Drive or walk the property weekly (or have team do so) to document any compliance issues of residents.

3. Follow up and fill out appropriate documentation for all compliance issues found by you or your team.

4. Communicate regularly on all compliance issues with the President as they occur, ensuring swift and consistent treatment of each case. Since the President is many times the one who receives complaint phone calls, they must be aware of all cases.

5. Draft new compliance policies & letters for noncompliant residents, forward to all board members for approval, and note all responses.

6. Record dates and times of all compliance issues in records so that association action can be taken appropriately and timely.

7. Keep records of costs of association actions to remedy compliance issues, so that provisions can be made to recover all costs and expenses of enforcement.

8. Follow-up on any complaints received from residents that are of a possible compliance nature, and document all phone calls, emails, or letters received, and action taken. The person filing the complaint should remain anonymous to the resident who is out of compliance.

9. Attends all Board Meetings and Workshops, and reports all compliance activity by lot number only (no names or addresses).

Compliance actions can be of a confidential nature, and should be kept between members of the Board of Directors only.

10. Work closely with the Architectural Control Director, and members of the Compliance and Architectural Control Team. This team is a

group of volunteers who help monitor compliance issues, architectural issues, seek board approval for decided actions, and report on actions taken or not taken by residents.

11. Since documentation is the essential part of success, photographs should be taken of infractions to document severity and sequence of improvement in each case. Copies of such photographs should be maintained in files and given to noncompliant residents in letters of notification to assure clarity of violation.

12. Seek legal guidance when necessary. Only Officers and Compliance Director may directly seek legal counsel unless accompanied by same.


This director is key in the continuing aesthetic appearance of our community, in accordance with our Covenants, Bylaws, and Restrictions. The duties of this Director include, but are not limited to:

1. Provide a means for residents to obtain a “Request for Approval” form for all architectural changes they want to make to the

exterior of their home. Requests may range from paint color, roof material and color, fence type and placement, to the addition of a pool,

a cage, or a paved walkway, as well as any other outside improvements.

2. Review requests for job approval, as submitted on “Request for Approval” form. Call for approval from the Compliance and

Architectural Team, as necessary.

3. Distribute permits and copy of approved request form to residents upon approval of job requested.

4. Attend all Board meetings and Workshops to report on architectural findings and needs.

5. Visit work sites to monitor progress, timely completion of job, and adherence to architectural and compliance restrictions.

6. Follow-up on any disapproved requests with letters, stating the reason of disapproval immediately. After 30 days of submitting a

request for approval, the resident may assume approval is given.

7. Assure all forms, letters, and other documentation are signed, dated, and filed in appropriate resident files in clubhouse office.

8. Work closely with the Compliance Director and the Compliance and Architectural Control Team to insure consistent and timely

action and resolution of all issues.


This Director is responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and landscape design for all grounds of common nature. The entrance to our community is the first impression we make, and reflects on us all. The duties of this Director include, but are not limited to:

1. Assure that all common grounds are kept mown, trimmed, and edged on a regular basis to maintain a neat appearance.

2. Schedule annual trimming of all trees on common grounds to assure no branches are endangering damage to clubhouse, signage, or cause obstruction to use of clubhouse parking lots, sidewalks, or other common right of way.

3. Maintain seasonal plantings of floral and greenery at entrance of FS in tasteful and colorful manner.

4. Apply fertilizer, weed control, and pest control to common grounds to assure efficient control of all growth.

5. Trim bushes and other decorative plantings that abut the clubhouse to maintain a neat and attractive appearance.

6. Maintain all irrigation systems that service all common grounds.

7. Maintain all lighting systems that service all common grounds.

8. Assist in placement and removal of outdoor holiday lighting and decorations of common grounds.

9. Be prudent and gather multiple bids on all jobs to assure the best use of association funds.

10. Attend all Board Meetings and Workshops, reporting on jobs completed and those that are due.

11. Write a monthly article for the newsletter.

12. Work closely with Compliance Director to help assess resident properties for yard and tree maintenance.

13. Order maintenance of foreclosed or other empty properties as needed.


This Director is the first face that a new resident encounters upon moving into our community. He/She needs a working knowledge of the community, nearby businesses, restaurants, and schools, as well as a friendly smile and demeanor. He/She is also the contact for non-members to become members of our association. The duties of this Director include, but are not limited to:

1. Become very well informed on our Covenants, Bylaws, and Restrictions so that new residents can freely ask questions upon visit.

2. Visit each new resident homeowner or renter to greet, welcome to our community, and deliver a “Welcome Packet”.

3. Update “Disclosure Statement” annually to reflect any appropriate changes in dues or policies. Include in packet and have each new resident sign two copies. One copy goes to the resident; the other is filed in the resident clubhouse office file.

4. Update “New Resident Info Sheet” as needed. Include in packet and fill out completely during your visit with new resident. This is retained for updating clubhouse file records, phonebook directory, and to refer to when writing a welcome message in the newsletter.

5. Include copy of FS Deed Restrictions (long and short versions) to each new resident’s Welcome Packet, and go over important areas of interest during visit.

6. Explain modes of communication (email, website, newsletter, meetings), and invite new residents to attend and participate in Board


7. Compose a welcome letter with your contact information to include in each packet.

8. Explain architectural permits, clubhouse parking permits, and point out contact information for all members of the board in the phonebook.

9. Explain watering guidelines for Pasco County, and garbage collection/recyclables schedules.

10. Explain how to get access keys for clubhouse pool area. Also know whom to contact to reserve clubhouse use for private party.

11. Be well versed on all clubs and groups that meet at the clubhouse and when. Invite them to join. Provide them with a current newsletter calendar.

12. Collect coupons, giveaways from local businesses, and brochures on local points of interest to include in welcome packet. Collect giveaways, catalogs, and info from FS business owners.

13. Inform the board of any new resident that moves in, and tell if they are interested in assisting in board activities.

14. Work closely with the other board members to assure that any new resident moving into a non-member home is approached to become an association member. The Notary Officer must be present for signing.

15. Attend all Board Meetings and Workshops, and report all findings.

16. Write monthly newsletter article, welcoming/listing all new residents.


This director maintains the clubhouse and pool areas, inside and out, to assure that the gathering place for our community is in sound condition, an attractive and comfortable respite, and a clean and soothing environment in which to relax at poolside. This Director’s duties include, but are not limited to:

1. Maintain the rules of usage of the clubhouse for personal parties.

2. Schedules resident reservations, and collects usage fees and deposits.

3. Organizes pre and post inspection with resident user to assure any damage is documented, and security deposit retained for repair.

4. Manages distribution of all clubhouse card keys to residents in good standing, and deactivates cards of those who fall out of compliance.

5. Maintains surveillance equipment and monitors footage recorded by clubhouse security cameras.

6. Maintains all assets inside the clubhouse and by the pool area, including but not limited to furnishings, appliances, carpeting, lighting,

painting, window treatments, television and DVD player, office computer, and pool furniture.

7. Oversees and schedules annual indoor pest control inspections and treatments.

8. Maintains a current inventory of all clubhouse assets.

9. Collects multiple bids on large jobs to assure best use of association funds.

10. Decorates the interior of the clubhouse for the holiday season (and removes same), and organizes and assists in the placement of

outdoor holiday lighting around the exterior of the clubhouse and at the entrance of the community, with the assistance of the Landscape Director.

11. Attends all Board Meetings and Workshops, and reports all clubhouse activity.

12. Writes monthly newsletter articles.

13. Schedules all weekly, monthly, and seasonal maintenance and repair of the clubhouse pool, pool pump, and decking.

14. Maintains the Clubhouse Parking Lot as an attractive and safe adjunct to the facility. This may include resurfacing, attending to drainage problems, replacing or adding signage, and maintenance of adjoining walkways and aprons.

15. Communicates with the Club and Group leaders and the Clubhouse Resident Volunteer Librarian to evaluate needs and report to the


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