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Director of Clubhouse and Common Grounds Committee


727-942-1906 Ext. 53509

This director maintains the clubhouse and pool areas, inside and out, to assure that the gathering place for our community is in sound condition, an attractive and comfortable respite, and a clean and soothing environment in which to relax at poolside. This Director’s duties include, but are not limited to:

1. Maintain the rules of usage of the clubhouse for personal parties.

2. Schedules resident reservations, and collects usage fees and deposits.

3. Organizes pre and post inspection with resident user to assure any damage is documented, and security deposit retained for repair.

4. Manages distribution of all clubhouse card keys to residents in good standing, and deactivates cards of those who fall out of compliance.

5. Maintains surveillance equipment and monitors footage recorded by clubhouse security cameras.

6. Maintains all assets inside the clubhouse and by the pool area, including but not limited to furnishings, appliances, carpeting, lighting,

painting, window treatments, television and DVD player, office computer, and pool furniture.

7. Oversees and schedules annual indoor pest control inspections and treatments.

8. Maintains a current inventory of all clubhouse assets.

9. Collects multiple bids on large jobs to assure best use of association funds.

10. Decorates the interior of the clubhouse for the holiday season (and removes same), and organizes and assists in the placement of

outdoor holiday lighting around the exterior of the clubhouse and at the entrance of the community, with the assistance of the Landscape Director.

11. Attends all Board Meetings and Workshops, and reports all clubhouse activity.

12. Writes monthly newsletter articles.

13. Schedules all weekly, monthly, and seasonal maintenance and repair of the clubhouse pool, pool pump, and decking.

14. Maintains the Clubhouse Parking Lot as an attractive and safe adjunct to the facility. This may include resurfacing, attending to drainage problems, replacing or adding signage, and maintenance of adjoining walkways and aprons.

15. Communicates with the Club and Group leaders and the Clubhouse Resident Volunteer Librarian to evaluate needs and report to the


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