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Vice President

Steve Poland

727-942-1906 Ext. 53509

The Vice-President is vested with all the powers which are required to perform duties of the President whenever the President is actually absent or otherwise unable to act or fulfill the duties of that office. Additional duties of this office include, but are not limited to:

1. He/She investigates all needs of repair in the infrastructure of the community, including roads, sidewalks, gutters, drains and sewers, utility wires, road signs, poles and lighting, pond culverts, and other related issues. He/She makes appropriate contacts to public and county professionals to correct all problems and issues, monitors the progress of same, and reports to the Board and to the community all remedies completed and in progress.

2. He/She acts as the Sergeant-at-Arms at all meetings and workshops, enforcing an appropriate code of conduct and reminds all speakers on the board and the general membership of time limitations, assuring an orderly assembly.

3. Stays abreast of ALL current board activities and issues through effective communication with the President and other Board Members.

4. He/She oversees nominations and vetting (member is in good standing) of those nominees who seek positions on the Board of Directors.

5. Prior to and during the Annual Board Meeting, he/she oversees the needs of the Elections Committee, and witnesses that the duties of this committee are being conducted in the manner dictated in our Covenants, Bylaws, and Restrictions.

6. He/She coordinates voting precinct activities at the FSHOA clubhouse with the Pasco County Board of Elections.

7. He/She cross‐trains with the Clubhouse Director on management of the resident’s card-key access system and on the use of surveillance software to assure a continual service to the community.

8. Provides a monthly written article for the newsletter.

9. Serves at the discretion of the president as needed.

10. Is prepared to preside over meetings or to lead board activities in the absence of the President.

11. Participates to co-sign checks for the association as needed.

Steve Poland
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