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Director of Architectural Control Committee

Richard Stocks

727-942-1906 Ext. 53509

This director is key in the continuing aesthetic appearance of our community, in accordance with our Covenants, Bylaws, and Restrictions. The duties of this Director include, but are not limited to:

1. Provide a means for residents to obtain a “Request for Approval” form for all architectural changes they want to make to the exterior of their home. Requests may range from paint color, roof material and color, fence type and placement, to the addition of a pool, a cage, or a paved walkway, as well as any other outside improvements.

2. Review requests for job approval, as submitted on “Request for Approval” form. Call for approval from the Compliance and Architectural Team, as necessary.

3. Distribute permits and copy of approved request form to residents upon approval of job requested.

4. Attend all Board meetings and Workshops to report on architectural findings and needs.

5. Visit work sites to monitor progress, timely completion of job, and adherence to architectural and compliance restrictions.

6. Follow-up on any disapproved requests with letters, stating the reason of disapproval immediately. After 30 days of submitting a request for approval, the resident may assume approval is given.

7. Assure all forms, letters, and other documentation are signed, dated, and filed in appropriate resident files in the clubhouse office or digital alternative.

8. Work closely with the Compliance Director and the Compliance and Architectural Control Team to insure consistent and timely action and resolution of all issues.

Richard Stocks
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