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Richard Stocks

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The president of FSHOA is vested with the rights as CEO of the not-for-profit corporation known as Fairway Springs Homeowners Association. The character of the Board of Directors is shaped through their style of leadership and mentoring. The president’s duties include, but are not limited to:

1. He/She presides at all board and workshop meetings, or appoints a designee in his/her absence.

2. The president does not routinely vote at board meetings. He/She may vote only to break a tie, to veto a motion, or to complete a quorum.

3. He/She acts as the liaison between Fairway Springs and the county, neighboring communities, public utility officials, legal professionals, and individual residents, as needed. He/She meets with business leaders, county officials, designated CPA and attorney, and other community leaders at the Board’s recommendation.

4. Attains competence in the knowledge of all governing documents of FSHOA and of the State of Florida (for HOA’s and for not‐for‐profit organizations).

5. Works closely with the treasurer to ensure FSHOA fiscal interests are met, is a co‐signer on FSHOA checks and accounts, and is a consultant to budgetary concerns.

6. Investigates (or appoints a committee to investigate), any interest of the community or group of individuals within the community, if said interest may cause conflict or affect property values or that could change the way of life for our residents.

7. He/She works closely with other Board Members to assure that the goals of the community are established and met to the best of the Board’s ability.

8. He/She is an effective communicator, fields communications from the membership, and helps to disseminate information through email, the newsletter, public notice, the website, or other means to keep other Board Members and the community informed of board business and community business, respectively.

9. Organizes, reviews articles, and oversees the distribution of the monthly newsletter to the community. Provides a monthly written article for the newsletter.

10. Identifies and oversees training of potential association leaders.

11. Participates to co-sign checks and vender contracts for the association as needed.

Richard Stocks
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