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Carol Woods

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The Treasurer is the custodian of the funds, collections, investments, securities, and financial records of the association. He/She is the

financial conscience of the Board and of the community. The duties of this office include, but are not limited to:

1. Act as liaison between the Board of Directors and the association’s auditor/CPA. Advice is sought and shared with other Board members.

2. Attend all meetings and workshops, and report on financial status of budget and reserve funding concerns.

3. File appropriate tax forms in a timely manner.

4. Monitor the annual audit done by the CPA and report back.

5. Organize and implement an annual operating budget.

6. Maintain, update, and assure funding for association Reserve Funds for repairs, replacement, and upkeep of all common assets.

7. Invest funds to assure the best and safest returns.

8. Implement safeguards to protect association funding by monitoring bank solvency ratings, investment vehicle returns, and other risk

factors on a regular basis. Suggest changes as appropriate.

9. Arrange for annual insurance review for protection of common assets.

10. Organize and communicate all collection schedules of association dues and special assessments.

11. Check association mailbox daily, as possible, and distribute mail appropriately.

12. Take possession of the association’s laptop computer for purposes of updating all financial records.

13. File all transaction histories/receipts in treasurer’s desk in the clubhouse office.

14. Report all delinquent accounts to the Board of Directors when a decision to place liens or to foreclose on properties becomes necessary. This information should be kept in confidence among Board members only. The treasurer may call a meeting of the Board to accomplish these discussions, if necessary.

15. Consult attorney, as advised by the Board of Directors, on liens and foreclosures.

16. Conducts all financial transactions for the association, paying venders, seeking a co‐signer on all checks. The Treasurer is generally the first signer on all association checks.

17. Participates to co-sign association checks as needed.

Carol Woods
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