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Director of Welcoming & Membership Committee

Jennifer Wheeler

727-942-1906 Ext. 53509

This Director is the first face that a new resident encounters upon moving into our community. He/She needs a working knowledge of the community, nearby businesses, restaurants, and schools, as well as a friendly smile and demeanor. The duties of this Director include, but are not limited to:

1. Become very well informed on our Covenants, Bylaws, and Restrictions so that new residents can freely ask questions upon visit.

2. Visit each new resident homeowner or renter to greet, welcome to our community, and deliver a “Welcome Packet”.

3. Update “Disclosure Statement” annually to reflect any appropriate changes in dues or policies. Include in packet and have each new resident sign two copies. One copy goes to the resident; the other is filed in the resident clubhouse office file.

4. Update “New Resident Info Sheet” as needed. Include in packet and fill out completely during your visit with new resident. This is retained for updating clubhouse file records, phonebook directory, and to refer to when writing a welcome message in the newsletter.

5. Include copy of FS Deed Restrictions (long and short versions) to each new resident’s Welcome Packet, and go over important areas of interest during visit.

6. Explain modes of communication (email, website, newsletter, meetings), and invite new residents to attend and participate in Board


7. Compose a welcome letter with your contact information to include in each packet.

8. Explain architectural permits, clubhouse parking permits, and point out contact information for all members of the board in the phonebook.

9. Explain watering guidelines for Pasco County, and garbage collection/recyclables schedules.

10. Explain how to get access keys for clubhouse pool area. Also know whom to contact to reserve clubhouse use for private party.

11. Be well versed on all clubs and groups that meet at the clubhouse and when. Invite them to join. Provide them with a current newsletter calendar.

12. Collect coupons, giveaways from local businesses, and brochures on local points of interest to include in welcome packet. Collect giveaways, catalogs, and info from FS business owners.

13. Inform the board of any new resident that moves in, and tell if they are interested in assisting in board activities.

14. Work closely with the other board members to assure that any new resident moving into a non-member home is approached to become an association member. The Notary Officer must be present for signing.

15. Attend all Board Meetings and Workshops, and report all findings.

16. Write monthly newsletter article, welcoming/listing all new residents.

Jennifer Wheeler
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