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Director of Landscaping and Maintenance Committee

Bob Cesarek

727-942-1906 Ext. 53509

This Director is responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and landscape design for all grounds of common nature. The entrance to our community is the first impression we make, and reflects on us all. The duties of this Director include, but are not limited to:

1. Assure that all common grounds are kept mown, trimmed, and edged on a regular basis to maintain a neat appearance.

2. Schedule annual trimming of all trees on common grounds to assure no branches are endangering damage to clubhouse, signage, or cause obstruction to use of clubhouse parking lots, sidewalks, or other common right of way.

3. Maintain seasonal plantings of floral and greenery at entrance of FS in tasteful and colorful manner.

4. Apply fertilizer, weed control, and pest control to common grounds to assure efficient control of all growth.

5. Trim bushes and other decorative plantings that abut the clubhouse to maintain a neat and attractive appearance.

6. Maintain all irrigation systems that service all common grounds.

7. Maintain all lighting systems that service all common grounds.

8. Assist in placement and removal of outdoor holiday lighting and decorations of common grounds.

9. Be prudent and gather multiple bids on all jobs to assure the best use of association funds.

10. Attend all Board Meetings and Workshops, reporting on jobs completed and those that are due.

11. Write a monthly article for the newsletter.

12. Work closely with Compliance Director to help assess resident properties for yard and tree maintenance.

13. Order maintenance of foreclosed or other empty properties as needed.

Bob Cesarek
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