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VP Message: Ponds are private property

Hi Home Owners

Welcome to June.

There have been three young people throughout the neighborhood who have been fishing in different ponds.

Two of them together were asked to leave the property owner’s back yard.  One said he did not have to because the ponds were for all the residents.  When the property owner told them that each yard was privately owned, he said he was not leaving.  The owner had their dog tied up in backyard and the boys made motions to keep it barking at them.

Another incident happened last Thursday.  A different boy fishing a ponds was asked to leave the yard, he too said he was not leaving.

Please remind your children that all the ponds in Fairway Springs that have houses on them, are Private.  Permission to fish in someone’s backyard must be given by the owner of that property.

One owner is ready to call the Pasco County Sheriff.  We really do not want to see a young person violating a trespass.

Thank You on these matters.

Steve Poland

Vice President, Fairway Springs Home Owners Association

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