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The Digital Age: Our website is now interactive.

HI all,

In the spirit of bi-directional communication between homeowners and the board, beyond simply walking the streets or at board meetings, we've added two new features to the website.

The first is a simple "subscribe to the newsletter" form. Go ahead and sign up. As and when we publish the newsletter you will be the first to know. Just a heads up though - we are assembling our army of volunteers so as of this point, we haven't reached beyond the pre-planning stage. Do rest assured that it is coming to an inbox (and physically delivered) near you soon.

The second thing we've added, and are coming to grips with the operation of, is a "Let's Chat" button. Now this could be a double edged sword, in that our day jobs might impact the speed at which we can respond so the real-time response might be less than real-time. Also, if we can't simplify the process for you and us it might prove to be a step too far. Either way we'll run it as a 60 day experiment and let's see. All we ask is for your patience as we adopt new tools and techniques.

As always, we encourage your feedback, your input, ideas and your support. If you feel that you can help the board, in any small capacity, we welcome your contribution. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions on how we can serve the community better.

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