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The Board has all the power - shouldn't you have some?

Nine (9) people in our community of 406 homes have the power to affect the quality of your life at home and the amount of money you must spend each year to live here.

They are volunteers. The youngest in their 30's and the oldest in their 60's. The hours they spend per month vary from an hour per week on upwards. Most have full time jobs, many have families, some with school aged children, some travel for work or sports events, but all manage to find time to help the community through their role on the Board.

Their reward? Beyond the selfless ones? They get to make the rules. Rules that directly and indirectly affect you. They create, change, update and delete policies, interpret laws and deed restrictions, determine violation criteria and support fines, liens and foreclosures. They also spend your money and determine how your money is to be spent, then tell you how much that is and issue interest and fines when it isn't paid or paid on time.

That's a lot of power over you isn't it? Aren't you asking yourself, "if it only takes a few hours a week, then why shouldn't I have that power?". You're not? You should be? It's almost a desertion of your duty to yourself to be powerless at the hands of others, isn't it?

Want to pay less in HOA dues? Join the Board, make that your mission.

Disagree with the Deed Restrictions? Join the Board, make it your mission to update them.

Want more amenities for the neighborhood? Join the Board, make it your mission to add them.

Right now, you might be confident that you have a pretty good Board, things are running smoothly, there's nothing your are over upset about, let's just let it roll shall we? Except that every year three (3) Board members must step down. Now you've got six (6) people, not only making decisions for you, but because they are three people down, they'll be more likely to vote to extend the services paid to external 3rd parties entities like property management firms, just to maintain the smooth running of the neighborhood.

Costs that could be avoided by having a full compliment of nine (9) Board members!

If there was ever a time to join a Board, it would be now. Why? Because it is somewhat smooth running (but could always be better), with strong leadership and camaraderie. You'd be taught everything that you'd need to know, you'd be handheld and supported through each new process, and you'd get whatever help you need to perform your tasks, while you learn.

By being on the Board, you can be one of AND rely on the others who make up the nine (9). Not running for the Board, not sitting on it, not acting to the fullest of your capabilities leaves you at the mercy of those that do.

Don't you think you deserve a voice at the table? We do.


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