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The 2024 Budget - ahead of the vote

It was the Board's intent this year to publish what the Board's Treasurer would present to the Board for approval with regards to the 2024 budget. It's much later than planned and for that we are sorry. We'd have liked to have sent it out at least a few days before the meeting.

In the table that follows is the meat of what will be presented to the Board at tonight's budget meeting. This is not the full budget document, but this plus the expense reserves allocation are the two most important parts.

What the Board will be asked to approve is a $483 per household annual budget, made up of these operational items above, plus the Reserves allocation AND a $115 per household credit, paid for from prior years operating surplus. IF the proposed budget is approved, each homeowner will receive their annual invoice on or around October 1st 2023 for $368 for the 2024 financial year. That is the same as last year.

This is not free however. There is an increase in the budget of nearly $47,000. The proposal involves moving money form one place to another to keep the dues down for 2024. The net effect of this years budget is an increase, although as individual homeowners you would not feel it this year. By next year, many of the one off items will not reoccur so any increase in the future would not be quite as steep, if at all.

We encourage all homeowners to get educated on how your money is managed and we will do our best to share information as widely and frequently as possible to keep transparency and communication high. We also encourage you to attend the Board meetings, especially tonight's budget meeting where all homeowners have the opportunity to make statements and ask questions directly from the floor.

See you tonight?

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