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See Something / Say Something - Summer edition

By Linda Langheld, Director of Clubhouse and Common Grounds

Our community becomes more active in the longer days of Spring. And with summer break from school just around the corner, it’s important for us to be more mindful of the happenings in the neighborhood. The volume of children at play will be increased with bike riding in our streets and sidewalks, playing in front yards and swimming at the pool. Be on the look out.

As the Director of our Clubhouse and Common Grounds, I find this time of year to be most productive keeping the pool and grounds clean and safe for all of our residents to enjoy. Cleaning the pool deck thoroughly on Mondays after busy weekends will be a priority. Fridays are for touch ups before the weekend begins. Please play your part by cleaning up after yourselves.

New tables, umbrellas and stands are for your use and shelter from the harsh summer sun. All I request is that you close them (using the crank) afterwards. Doing so will protect them in the long run for years. There will also be a Debris Net with a short handle to scoop out anything undesirable in the waters. Feel free to use it while hanging solo or with your family to help keep our pool waters clean for everyone. Be sure to remind the kiddo’s that it is not a toy.

Summer can also be a challenge to keep the kids busy with things to do especially if not involved in youth groups or organizations. If a parent guided group would like to form with the use of the the clubhouse, please reach out to me, I can help. Email me at or on my cell (813) 951-1532. The clubhouse is not just for Board meetings, reserved parties or Social Events. If it brings cause for the greater good, we’re all for it.

I’ve seen lemonade stands, grass cutting and car washing offered from children in our neighborhood. Young entrepreneurs, all of them, let's support them! At the same time, be vigilant with what you see them involved with.

If you see something/Say something! - Untoward or unsafe behaviors, vandalism or other activity you know is not good. Say something - If not to their parents, then to me or any board member you know. By all means, if danger is present, reach out to authorities. You may have heard the phrase “It Takes a Village”. Let that mean that we take care of our property, our neighborhood and especially our children. You don’t need to be on the HOA Board to make even the smallest of contributions to the betterment of our village- Fairway Springs.

Have a safe & happy summer!


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