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New 2 U Books

By: Linda Langheld - Director of Clubhouse and Common Grounds Committee

New 2 U Books

Written February 1st, 2023

Hello neighbors and community members,

As far back as many of you remember there have been bookshelves full of interesting reads in the bookcases of our clubhouse. For those of you not familiar with our facility, there is an abundance of literature at your disposal.

These days many of us utilize the convenience of downloading books to our tablets or phones. Maybe some of you prefer listening to books read aloud from various apps. I’m not sold on the fact that all these books, just sitting there in the clubhouse, are serving the purpose they once did.

So I would like to give you, the residents, the opportunity this month of February, to come by the clubhouse to pick up and take home, any titles you may be interested in keeping for your personal use. Any remaining books will be donated to the Pasco County Library System. If you have any other organization referrals please email me at

Though your pool key will not get you into the clubhouse I will schedule myself (or any volunteers) to be available in the clubhouse on Sunday's from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. to come in and surf the shelves. If these time frames are not convenient for you please email me to arrange a time or day that best suited to you.

Happy reading!

Linda Langheld

Fairway Springs Clubhouse Director

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