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It's the little things too...

There is a great quote about little things by Turkish Playwright, Mehmet Murat

“Without water drops, there can be no oceans; without steps, there can be no stairs; without little things, there can be no big things!”

By now, you'll know that the HOA Board is hard at work on a lot of big, transformational things:

  • Modernizing the Board and its processes

  • Updating our neighborhood's governing documents

  • Fixing financial reporting

  • Improving communications

  • Increasing clubhouse usage

  • Growing engagement with the community

  • Restoring our aesthetic appeal, and

  • Optimizing the Board's usefulness in line with our mission statement

To achieve our big things though, there is a constant effort being applied to the little things. I want to highlight two such little things.

1 - The mini library is up and operational.

As part of the updating of the clubhouse, the book shelves were emptied and a plan put in place for a mini-library. A help-yourself, take-a-book, leave-a-book library, located outside the clubhouse and not requiring key fob access.

With thanks to our former clubhouse director Linda Langheld, who provided the vision, to the Social Committee who provided the funding and to our current Landscape Director, Bob Cesarek who lovingly improved, painted, re-roofed, planted and mounted the library, we are delighted to declare it open. We hope you enjoy it.

2 - The blood drive was a success

The second, little thing, is kind of a big thing too. We've talked about coming together as a neighborhood and the heart of the community in the past. This past weekend, the One Blood, Big Red Bus was present in the clubhouse parking lot, set up to receive blood donations.

We received an email from the One Blood account rep for Pasco:

Please see attached thank you letter for hosting a blood drive and helping to save patient’s lives – what a great turn out for the first blood drive at Fairway Springs!
Thank you for all of your efforts to promote the drive, I am eagerly anticipating this location growing in support and helping save so many more patient’s lives.
The next drive is scheduled for Jan 20th, I will be in touch a month prior with the PDF for the community newsletter.
I appreciate your attention to this matter and hope you have a great week.

Below is an image of the attachment, entitled "Thank you Fairway Springs.

Your kindness, your big hearts means that 30 patients could benefit from your donations. That's a big thing.

As a Board we still have a long way to go to achieve all our big things, for all of us, but it's the success of the little things, and the way we come together to achieve them that keeps us going.

If you want to be part of any of the big thigs and little things in the community, in any capacity; committee member, volunteer, Board member, advisor or event attendee, we are always keen to hear from you. Hopefully we'll see you around the neighborhood or at one of our upcoming fun events or charitable giving or personal health activities.

Upcoming Events & Activities.

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