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Hurricane Idalia: Safety First - Budget Meeting postponed - Secure your yards

At a Monday morning news conference, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis told residents to prepare for "major impacts" on the Gulf coast.

"We do expect Hurricane Idalia to be a major hurricane that will strike the state of Florida," he said.

At 8 a.m. EDT Monday, the storm was about 90 miles south of the western tip of Cuba with maximum sustained winds of 65 mph and moving north at 8 mph.

As a result of Hurricane Idalia's possible path affecting us, Pasco has closed schools for Tuesday and Wednesday. The HOA feels that it is in the best interests and safety of all homeowners to postpone the budget meeting until a later date.

Please note that our ByLaws state that a budget should be agreed before the end of August. We will not be able to meet that requirement for the approval of the 2024 budget.

Please prepare your homes, and bring inside or make secure any possible projectiles that could hurt injure people or damage property. If you have an elderly or infirm neighbor, please check on them and if you need help helping them prepare, please reach out. You can always reach me via email at

Florida preparing

Florida emergency officials on Sunday urged residents to keep their vehicle gas tanks at least half-full in case they need to evacuate.

"This will ensure you can evacuate tens of miles inland to a safe location should the need arise," the Florida Division of Emergency Management said on social media.

Florida has mobilized 1,100 National Guard members, and "they have at their disposal 2,400 high-water vehicles, as well as 12 aircraft that can be used for rescue and recovery efforts," said DeSantis, the Republican governor who is running for the Republican presidential nomination.

"If you are in the path of this storm, you should expect power outages," he added. "So please prepare for that..."

This Hurricane Preparedness pdf should also help.

Stay safe everyone.

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