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Holiday Season for all of us as friends and neighbors.

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Details on the Holiday Lighting Competition and Cookies with Santa and Cookie Competition event follow this introduction (scroll if you need to).

Once more dear friends and neighbors 'tis the season to be jolly. It's come around so quickly this year. Perhaps that's just a sign that I'm getting old. Perhaps because this is my favorite time of year I ignore all the other times. Either way, the holiday season is fast approaching.

It's wonderful to see so many homes being decorated with lights and decorations for the holidays. I'm sure you know that there are prizes for the best decorated homes and I'll cover that in a bit, but I'll bet you didn't know just how many dedicated days there are until the new year? It truly is the holidays, for all to enjoy, no matter what religion, faith, or belief you have. Decorating and displaying lights at this time of year can sometimes just lift the glum mood of the short days, and long dark nights. Here's a few of the bigger holidays being remembered, honored and/or celebrated by many:

St. Nicholas Day - 6th December

Hannukah begins - 7th December

Yule begins and the The Winter Solstice occurs - 21st December

Festivus - 24th December

Christmas Eve - 24th December

Christmas Day - 25th December

Kwanzaa and Boxing Day - 26th December

and New Years Eve - 31st December

I also learnt as I was putting this together, that each day of the year can be allocated for something. Here's a few I thought might appeal to folks in our neighborhood and give you a different reason to celebrate.

International Civil Aviation Day - 7th December - Happy holidays to all our fliers, pilots, airport and airline works and all you flying enthusiasts. By the way, Wright Brothers Day is celebrated on the 17th, so you get to double dip this month.

Anyone in our neighborhood who works in sales gets a callout on December 13th because it's National Salesperson Day, so happy holidays to all the hardworking sellers and business owners out there.

For our musicians, happy holidays for National Violin Day on the 13th, you share your special day with National Cocoa Day, feel free to celebrate in style. Might I suggest that you add the marshmallows? It's a celebration after all. Perhaps make a mug for all our National Guards to celebrate the National Guard Birthday and deliver it on horseback in honor of National Day of the Horse.

The 15th is a big day with National Cupcake Day, Bill of Rights Day, National Ugly Sweater Day, National Wear Your Pearls Day and National Underdog Day all getting a look in. Happy Holidays to our underdogs, your day will come and to all our cupcake eaters, Bill of Right's supporters and wearers of ugly sweaters and pearls.

On the 18th December it's Arabic Language Day, National Twin Day and International Migrants Day. Having moved to the US 20 years ago, I'll be celebrating that one, now that I know about it. It's also Answer The Telephone Like Buddy The Elf Day. I'm not sure I know how to celebrate it, but I'll enjoy my phone calls that day.

If we have any Emo's out there, you get your National Emo Day on the 19th, Crossword Lovers on the 21st get National Crossword Puzzle Day and you share that with National Short Girl Appreciation Day and Look On The Bright Side Day.

The year rounds out with celebration days for Calling A Friend (28th), Downloading (28th), Still Need To Do Day and No Interruptions Day (29th) and National Bacon Day on the 30th.

Whatever you enjoy, there's a holiday set aside for it. Now you've got a reason to decorate and celebrate in style. More excitingly, there's prizes; financial gain, in the form of gift cards to the top 3 decorated homes.

1st Place - $100 gift card

2nd Place - $50 gift card

3rd Place - $25 gift card

Holiday Lighting Competition

The Judges will be going through every street in the neighborhood, after dark, on the evening of Friday 15th December, 2023 and drawing up their list of the best decorated, best lighted homes and yards. Make sure you have your full displays up by nightfall on that evening. And definitely have your lights on.

The prize winners will be announced at 7pm during the annual Cookies With Santa event at the clubhouse, which this year runs from 6pm to 8pm on Saturday 16th December, 2023. Don't forget, following the success of last year's Cookie Contest, we'll once again be inviting you all to bake (and no-bake) your finest cookies to be in with a chance to win one of 3 $25 gift card prizes

  1. Kids category - bakers 16 years and under

  2. Most Creative category - do you use creative ingredients or decoration?

  3. Best Overall.

The judges will announce the cookie contest winners at 7.30pm.

Whatever you are doing this holiday season we hope you have cause to celebrate something. We love living here and this time of year is a great one for the neighborhood. The Board, our families and I all wish you a very happy holidays and we hope to see you around.

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