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Doing Good - A Food Drive

I've written previously about the "Hearts of Our Community", that's the name the social committee gave to the events and activities that we can get involved in that benefits others in both our neighborhood and beyond.

This November, The Hearts of Our Community group has organized a Food Drive. In partnership with Metropolitan Ministries we aim to collect and contribute holiday foods to help them feed over 22,000 families in need.

The most needed items in their list, right now, are:

  • Frozen turkeys,

  • hams,

  • cereal,

  • canned yams,

  • bagged or boxed stuffing,

  • cranberry sauce

Foods also in very high demand include:

  • Bagged or canned beans,

  • soup,

  • bags of rice,

  • boxed or canned potatoes,

  • gravy packets,

  • dessert mixes,

  • canned fruit,

  • canned vegetables,

  • boxed macaroni & cheese

Given that there are frozen items on the list we'll be doing manned collections. We have planned two collection days, at the clubhouse, over the coming weeks. We will try to operate like a drive through, so as to make the process quick and efficient. Both dates have already been added to the events page. (Check back often for new and upcoming events and clubs).

Saturday 5th November - 10am to 2pm

Saturday 12th November - 10am to 2pm

We do have collection bins up at the clubhouse also and, should it be open for a club or a meeting, you can feel free to drop off non-frozen items then too.

If you would like to volunteer with the Food Drive, in any capacity, please email and the social committee will help coordinate volunteer activities.

Thank you for being the Hearts of Our Community.

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