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Cloudy with a chance of pool time

Hi all,

I hope your summer is going great so far. It's certainly been a "scorcher". The weather and the heat have been bringing people to the clubhouse pool in abundance. It's so great to see that you're getting use from the facilities.

Long may this summer of fun continue, hopefully with minimal interruptions to your pool time. Some of these interruptions are necessary (and mandated) however.

Our community pool guy, visits approximately four (4) times per week, to stay on top of water cleanliness, purity and safety and observes, not unsurprisingly, that after heavy usage by sun-screen soaked bathers, the pool water can get cloudy. As a result, we will be updating our filter grids that should improve the filtering of debris and oils. This is in line with the normal time frame and they've simply reached the end of their usefulness.

Cloudy water also serves as an indicator of when the pool must be shocked, because if we cannot see the water intake valve on the wall of the deep end, through the cloudy water, county rules insist upon it. This is when we have to shut the pool (BOOOO!!!). It's typically only 24 hours but we don't want to have to turn anybody away. The cost of the replacement grids is around $1000 but this must be done, so we are doing it.

What can you do to help? Well, this weekend there were about 50 people in the pool at the same time. Our 30K gallon pool only allows for 19 people at a time - it is posted on our pool rule signs, for both safety and pool use continuity purposes. That's a lot of sunscreen and body oils to filter out in one go, so you can help by adhering to the capacity limits please.

The other reason to request that you stick to the capacity limits is purely financial. We can be fined if a county inspector shows up (1st we'll receive a warning and are on their radar and, if caught again, our first fine will be around $1500, the next is around $4000k and subsequently doubles) They will shut the pool down on top of us having to find the fine money, likely in the form of an HOA dues increase, so everybody suffers. No pool and higher costs. We certainly want to avoid that.

In other pool area related news, we can confirm that the pool is open from 7am until 11pm at night. Remember that we do not have a lifeguard, so please adhere to the safety rules, you do swim at your own risk. We have installed additional security cameras to help catch any bad behaviors, but if we all police ourselves, and take personal accountability and pride, nothing bad should happen.

Also, an electrician is coming, hopefully today to replace the two (2) pool lights.

We, as your HOA and additional volunteers, are doing what we can to make sure your summer of fun is long, safe and uninterrupted. All we ask for is a little cooperation and help from you our neighbors and fellow pool users.

Have a great Summer all!

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