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April is upon us. Already? Feels so soon.

Hi All,

April is already upon us. Boy, how the time really flies. Here's some things you should know about this month going into a new Board Year.

  • Compliance this month is looking at Driveways/Sidewalks/Mailboxes - I've added this page specifically to the website, so you can always find it. AVOID FINES BY GETTING AHEAD....

  • Fairway Springs Board has taken control again of issuing Pool Key fobs. If you need one, here's where to go, how to pay and what to do:

  • The Annual Meeting could NOT be held because we failed as a community to achieve quorum. That is, we did NOT receive 122 homeowner's between those in attendance at the meeting and those mailing in proxies. We must do better and that is on all of us!

  • No annual meeting means that the current Board was left to APPOINT new members, rather than the community ELECT Board members - My caution to you all is that this is a recipe for potential nepotism, Board stacking, self serving and other damaging behaviors and should be avoided at all costs. You must submit your proxies in the future!

  • Fortunately two of our outgoing Board members re-volunteered and we attracted a new Board member so we are at a full compliment.

  • The Organizational Meeting was held and here's who sits where until the next Annual Meeting (April 27th, 2024):

  • To learn more about the role each Board member performs visit the Board Member page on the website: - perhaps you can offer some time to assist their committees in making our neighborhood the most desirable?

  • Events: The annual Easter Egg hunt will be held on Easter Sunday at the clubhouse and across homes in our neighborhood. Thanks to Angelo and Julia Demeo for running and coordinating this great event for our neighborhood children. Bunco is held every 3rd Tuesday of the month. And our Spring Yard Sale and Cook-Out is scheduled for April 22nd.

  • Heads up that this year represent 40 years since the HOA took over from the Developer, so it's our 40th birthday. In early June we will recognize that with a large neighborhood celebration - all lot owners and residents are welcome.

  • We have agreed to and published, one year in advance, our planned Board Meetings, workshops and the Annual Meeting. They can be found on the website on our Events page, but I'll share them here.

    • 26th APRIL: WORKSHOP – Board Training

    • 10th MAY: The last meeting of the Board before the summer break

    • 31st May: WORKSHOP - Budget Planning

    • JUNE: No Board meetings in the summer

    • JULY: No Board meetings in the summer


    • 13th SEPTEMBER: The first Board meeting following the new Budget

    • OCTOBER: No meeting

    • 8th NOVEMBER: Regular Board Meeting

    • DECEMBER: No meeting

    • 10th JANUARY 2024: Regular Board Meeting

    • FEBRUARY: No meeting

    • 13th MARCH: Regular Board Meeting AND

    • 27th MARCH: ANNUAL Meeting

As always, to stay up to date on everything going on at Fairway Springs please use the variety of channels here.

  • Become a member of our Website here.

  • You can sign up with Sentry Management to receive emails here.

  • Subscribe to get automatic notifications of these articles here.


  • Download the Fairway Springs Mobile App from Wix Spaces, here

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