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ALL A BOARD!! - Board member candidates invited

Board member recruitment

By: Linda Langheld - Clubhouse Director & Chair of Nominating Committee, FSHOA

Greetings! And Happy New Year!

It is at this time of the new year that the Homeowners Association reaches out to all the homeowners in Fairway Springs to request your consideration in becoming a member of our board.

Why do we ask? It is because many of you want to contribute to the success of our neighborhood looking its best, holding its value and have fresh ideas to bring the community together. This is where we give you the opportunity to come forward. With your spare time, you can make an impact on how we grow as a strong and desirable neighborhood.

Do you know how our homeowners association functions? It is through volunteering of our time to attend monthly meetings and address concerns of homeowners and the improvements within our community.

There are typically 9 seats on our board. There are terms for each member elected and at our next Annual meeting there will be three (3) seats open.

Each member plays an integral role within the association. Some of which have additional members within committees. Between all of us, we work hard to manage the association so that you the homeowners can benefit.

We encourage you to visit the Fairway Springs website here you will find information on what each board position and directorship duties include.

If you wish to be a candidate, there is a convenient way for you to express your interest in becoming a valuable part of this community. THE CANDIDATE FORM. More details can be found on this new candidates page.

You can submit your entry to the black mailbox located outside of our clubhouse or you may bring it to the upcoming association meeting on Wednesday, February 1, 2023 at 6;30pm. The election of new board members will take place in March. We are targeting Wednesday 29th March 2023 but this might change. I’ll leave you with this quote - Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead In your service as nominating committee chairperson , Linda Langheld

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